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embrace the rhythm of self-love, compassion, and authentic expression

Start your day with intention and grace. This guided practice is my gift to you, designed to set a positive, empowered tone for your day. Click below and receive your free guide to morning embodiment.

Hi! My name is Mireille!

This is A Dance for Life

I'm honored to share transformative tools that intertwine the grace of dance with the grounding practices of mindfulness and EFT tapping. Dive deep into a journey where movement isn't just physical—it's an embrace of your true self.

Women Supporting Women

As a woman in this world who juggles being a mother, a partner, and entrepreneur of many passions, I know how it can be a challenge to navigate the societal demands and programming. That is why it is my mission to be a guiding light on the journey for any woman who is looking for tools and support to explore where we may be holding limiting beliefs due to what we were taught in our childhood, create a new narrative around the relationship with the body, and to cultivate a loving and compassionate environment within that will truly sustain us through life!


The adventure awaits.

Are you ready for the next chapter?

A Dance for Life Prenatal Dance and EFT Tapping Series

Enjoy this perfect complimentary dance practice designed for the prenatal season

along with a series of EFT tapping video guides to support your emotional well being

as you journey through this milestone of an experience!

The Benefits of Mindful Embodiment and EFT

Client Testimonial:

"I am so thankful for Mireille and her work in EFT. I am 9 months pregnant and high risk. Being able to be confident in my ability to bring my son into this world safely has been a journey. Mireille's work with EFT helped me center my mind and focus on being physically present, while mentally stabilizing my thoughts. As someone who struggles with meditation and responds better to kinetic learning, EFT has exposed a new world to me at a time when I needed it most. I highly recommend Mireille and EFT!

Thank you Mireille!"

-Jessica Muiseke - Wilkison

Here's a gift for you!

Rise and Shine Morning Embodiment Practice

Take advantage of this free guided practice that will take you through a gentle and nourishing morning embodiment routine designed to set you up for your day! A combination of mindful movement, breath-work, EFT tapping and self-massage will help ease you into the day and ensure that you have filled your cup first!

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